Who We Are

Our Mission

RESOLVE Studio’s mission is to empower and equip people to dramatically improve their body and life. We intend on doing this through an achievement of:

  • Greater fitness and confidence to accept whatever challenge you desire
  • Greater Mental Strength to conquer whatever ambitions and road that lies ahead
  • Greater Nutritional Backbone to supply the energy, health, and vitality to live better

What We're Solving

Have you noticed or even experienced weight re-gain following a diet to try and become leaner and lose some weight?

Had a hard time maintaining or even getting to your desired body comp goal?

Felt like there really isn’t a simple way to become more fit and lean, and the only solution is insanely intense exercise along with ultra strict healthy nutrition?

Not enjoyed most exercise or felt it was boring?

Haven’t found an exercise program that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and not exhausted and beat up?

At RESOLVE Studio, we’ve solved all of that and quite a bit more.

The cornerstone of our membership is our fitness program and classes that will actually have you leaving and feeling dramatically better, rejuvenated, and uplifted when you leave compared to when you arrived.

Between our Graviti session that primarily integrates TRX suspension training along with very unique and fun body weight drills (you’ve likely never experienced anything like this), among other things, you’ll not only have loads of FUN, but you’ll feel the workout in all the right places.

Our coaches are passionate about helping people through the vehicle of fitness and nutrition, and you’ll recognize this after just one training session.

We know that a fun and effective class and top of the line coaching is imperative for every member to have an experience worth repeating, but we haven’t stopped there.

We follow a simple 3-step process to effect the most change possible in each and every member.

First, we teach and train you in several fundamental areas in order to optimize your belief and mindset.

We know through experience and observation that what we believe about fundamental areas has a large effect on our behavior and long-term results.

I know and believe that if I walk across a busy highway, I’ll most likely get injured or suffer a terrible fatality.  Because of my belief, my behavior does not allow me to walk across a busy highway, yet so many people try various diets and exercise routines that yield no better outcome then walking across a busy highway would.

Once we’ve identified your current beliefs and mindset, and have taught you different factual and proven information in key fundamental areas, we then work towards equipping you with key concepts and methods to positively enhance your behavior and habits.

We are truly a product of our daily decisions and habits, and as we develop awareness and become more properly equipped with simple methods and tools to create more effective and sustained change, we feel empowered.

Our aim, through teaching and equipping you with tools and knowledge, is to empower you to actually achieve your goals and do and become all that you’re capable of.  Our accountability and support and desire to help you become self-sufficient and independent are a lifeline in this process.

Everyone knows applied knowledge is power and is the catalyst, in many cases, to enhanced self-confidence and greater independence.  If all we’ve taught you is to depend on our specific fitness and nutrition plan, then all we’ve effectively done is crippled you.

As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  Our goal, should you ever decide to leave our community after being a member with us, is to have taught and equipped you with how to "fish" – prepare healthy food in minimal time; dine-out without sabotaging yourself; eat to get lean, stay lean, and feel great for a lifetime; know how to enjoy the delicacies and goodies around us without feeling guilty, gaining weight, or getting off course; know what exercises target what muscles and burn more fat…and the list goes on.

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure you don’t just achieve results and see change, anyone can do that, but instead focus on empowering and equipping you with key tools and methods to create independence; only possible through acquired knowledge and belief, and sustained change for a lifetime.

Our mission is to teach, empower and equip people to
improve their body and life.

Join us.

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