Do It For Your Family

I was checking out the Google Trends site today, and decided to type in the word “fitness” to see what the top trending searches for that category are over the past few days.  Google search can tell you a lot of info about our society!

While I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, I was not ready for what did pop up at the very top of the list.  What I did expect was the general “gym near me”, or some query on the latest weight loss diet, like “keto” or “intermittent fasting”.  

So, what did come up as the top search?  The top Google search was for “adolescent weight loss”, followed by “weight loss pills”.  Yikes!

This just made me stop for a moment.  I started thinking about what got us here.  In my opinion, it’s as simple as our lives keep getting busier and we keep trying to cut corners to save time.  We all have so many commitments between work, kids, friends, etc., and it’s hard to take time for yourself.

The consequence, however, is that we put our health behind other stuff in our lives, and we end up setting the wrong example for our families, specifically our kids.  

When we go for the quick, processed food options because we’re in a hurry, we teach our kids that eating healthy isn’t important.

When we don’t exercise regularly, and we keep putting off that fitness program, we teach our kids that exercise isn’t important.

Now, the top Google search is parents trying to find a way to help their kids lose weight.  Yes, KIDS!

The good news is that each one of us is in 100% control of this for our family!  I encourage you to be the “Fit Leader” for your family.  Choose healthy food options, and talk to your kids about why it’s important.  Get yourself moving and get started on that fitness program!

I personally remember my mom getting up and going running as a kid.  She was consistent too! My dad taught me how to lift weights in our basement when I was little.  My mom taught me how to prepare tofu and cook my own healthy foods. There are so many more examples, but I’m very thankful for my parents being the “fit leaders” I needed them to be!  I bet they didn’t realize just how much of what they did around fitness would stick with me as I grew up. Kids absorb so much of what they see in our actions, so be conscious of the example you set.  This can be a simple as your kids seeing you getting up early to go to your early morning workout, consistently. When they see YOU make it a priority, it sends them a message that their health is important, and THAT WILL STICK WITH THEM FOR LIFE!

Lastly, I want to say GREAT JOB to all of you who are already committed to being a Fit leader at Resolve!  We see you at the studio at least 2-3 times per week in class, and you are more inspiring than you’ll ever realize!  We feel inspired by you each and every class we coach, but I can only imagine the amazing impact you’re having on your family!  You’re creating GENERATIONAL HEALTH for your family, and you should be so proud of that! 

If you still haven’t got started at Resolve, or it’s time for you to get back in, just give us a call or text at the studio! 

716-662-8400 – Resolve Studio – Call or text anytime!

We can talk about your goals and make sure we can help you get there!  

Live Fit!

Tim & Kayte