What We Have Available For You

When considering what the vast majority of people need to create long-lasting, impactful change, we couldn’t have imagined anything better. If you were to take 100 people all interested in becoming more fit, healthy and lean the difference between them would ultimately lie within their degree of seriousness and willingness to commit to executing the tools necessary to create their desired change.  Not to mention the obvious difference of current beliefs, behaviors and knowledge. Therein is the reason for our three different levels of involvement.


Fitness & Nutritional Foundation

Even those interested in our PREMIER PLUS membership start with PREMIER, all by design.  There is a natural progression that we take our new members through that positions them at a place of our nutrition system having maximum impact, should they decide to elevate their results further.

Before beginning our fitness classes as a member you will meet with one of our coaches to have the proper foundation laid so we’re able to build on solid ground to deliver sustained results.

As a new member you will begin learning factual and impactful nutritional information that will challenge you while at the same time create a genuine sense of new found control as your beliefs concerning nutrition, weight loss and the like begin to change and your new result driven behaviors follow.

Our studio, fitness classes and program are one of a kind and the best way to explain this difference is through actual experience with a free GRAVITI class.

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Fitness & Full Comprehensive Nutrition System (@ studio)

Our premier plus membership includes our complete fitness and nutrition system to deliver you maximum results.

At the time a member decides to take their health, energy, and body composition to an entirely new level of lean and fit they’ve already created a solid foundation of new and improved beliefs and behaviors that better ensure this nutrition system has maximum impact.

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure you don’t just achieve results and see change, anyone can do that, but instead focus on empowering and equipping you with key tools and methods to create independence, only possible through acquired knowledge and belief, and sustained change for a lifetime.

Between our personalized support and accountability by one of our assigned coaches to a premier plus member, our full nutrition system that leaves no stone unturned, our regular weekly fitness classes and incredible community, inspiring blog post and emails delivered to you throughout the month, seminars, and more - there is a synergy created that can only elevate you to achieve more.


Nutrition System

For the individual wanting to improve their body composition, energy, and overall health that is not at liberty to join our studio as a member, this is the option for them to explore.

This can be done with anyone willing to exercise on their own while becoming aligned with a nutrition system and coach acting as the catalyst for powerful change to take place.

We will not work with everyone as we invest a lot of time and effort on our end into each individual using our nutrition system through personalized coaching, support, and accountability.