Our Team

Kayte & Tim Steenberg, owners/trainers

Based out of Orchard Park, NY, Resolve Studio is dedicated to helping people of all walks of life to look, feel, and perform their best, while developing a healthy sense of self, and becoming far more confident OUTSIDE the 4 walls of the gym.

Kayte began her passion for fitness over 15 years ago, and has and incredible range of experiences.

She began her personal training career almost 15 years ago working at Bally Total Fitness in Orchard Park, as well as Rochester, NY.  She has also trained at LA Fitness with a focus on group indoor cycling, as well as HIIT-style bootcamps.  Personally, over the years Kayte has completed the Buffalo Marathon, in addition to dozens of other area races.  She's also has a strong passion for strength training, which led her onto the bodybuilding stage as a figure competitor.  Kayte even earned an invitation to compete on the national level in Las Vegas!  Kayte as a tremendous passion for fitness, and genuinely helping everyone she meets to live the fit life with an incredible level of energy and tenacity!  Kayte's passion is contagious!

Tim also began his fitness career about 15 years ago with Kayte and they worked at various Bally Total Fitness clubs together.

Tim's fitness journey started in college as he trained in various strength, power lifting, speed and agility programs as a collegiate athlete.  He worked closely with the strength coaches and helped with team programming.  After graduating with a degree in Health Science, and then almost a decade as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Director and General Manager with Bally, he continued into the Corporate Wellness space to serve large companies in WNY to improve the health and wellness of all employees.  Tim also got on stage with Kayte in competitive bodybuilding, most notably winning the Mr. Buffalo middleweight class.  This wide range of experience led to a truly comprehensive outlook on health and fitness ranging from coaching hundreds of clients to drop body fat to fit perfectly in that favorite pair of jeans to helping people get off medications and improving chronic disease through better nutrition and exercise.

Kayte and Tim believe without a doubt that EVERYONE can change and improve their overall health and quality of life by being properly educated about health and fitness and empowered to achieve more through motivation and accountability. They are passionate about helping people become INDEPENDENTLY FIT and not dependent on a specific style, diet or system. They want to see people successful on their FIT journey long term.

Kayte, Tim and their incredible team of expert fitness professionals equip their clients with the most current and relevant information, while implementing unique, individualized programs for each person; young or old, beginner or advanced. All that Resolve Studio asks is that they have a goal to reach, and that they are COMMITTED and PASSIONATE about achieving it!

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Conor, trainer

My interest in health and human performance started after a serious injury in my teenage years. With the lifestyle I live and the sports/activities that drive my passion, I was faced with a realization. In order to do what I love, for as long as I can, at the highest possible level, taking care of myself needed to be a top priority. This fascination with the human body lead to my B.S. in Exercise Science, my CPT, TRX-FCT and current enrollment in Kelly Starretts Mobility 101 and CSCS courses. My need and passion to continue learning how to help others and myself has lead me to continue my education in graduate school this coming fall.

Today, my many years working in the health and fitness world has left me with a strong background in private group and personal training. With a focus on fixing mechanics and mobility improvement. I aim to optimize not only sport specific but overall athleticism, while perfecting daily movement and targeting longevity. Within the scope of performance, we all need to figure out what we’re capable of. My love for training comes from the people I’ve helped reach new heights in not only their own abilities, but lives as a whole. To be apart of someone’s efforts to better themselves is truly a gift.

While time in the gym is one piece of the giant puzzle that is your health, it’s a piece that carries over into so many facets of life. The mentality demanded from being truly dedicated to this lifelong journey is the most challenging aspect hands down. Training, therapy, nutrition, injury recovery, etc.,etc. These all require energy daily, and a never ending drive. It is my job to not only lead you through training, but to help establish a healthy approach and a true understanding of your health journey.

Deb, trainer

My name is Deb and I’ve been part of the group fitness world since 1987.  I am certified in the following programs: Jazzericise, Les Mills Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Combat and CX Works;  Madd dog spinning; Silver Sneakers; Kettlebell AMPT, Drums Alive; Pound; and TRX (my #1 LOVE).

My fitness journey has been fun, exciting, and challenging!!! Besides coaching classes, I have participated in many fitness events with my adult children and husband including running (Buffalo ½ marathon, Corning Wineglass ½ marathon, Disney Star Wars  ½ marathon, Disney Princes ½ marathon, Ellicottville 5K) and road-cycling (The ride to the Point for MS, The Ride for Roswell). My 2019 goal is to ride 100 miles this June with The Ride for Roswell. .

In the past two years I have gotten to know so many awesome members at Resolve and I so look forward to supporting everyone on their journey to an awesome, healthy lifestyle!  

See you in class!!!!

Jess, trainer

Jess is a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise and is truly passionate about being active and maintain a healthy balance in fitness. A lifelong athlete, Jess’ diverse athletic background includes many sports- lacrosse, track and field, soccer, swimming, and even Division 1 college rowing. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Sports Management and most recently received her MBA in Leadership and Change from Canisius College.  Jess also works for Balanced Body Foods and is a member of the United States Coast Guard Reserves.

"I never stop moving! When I’m not working or training, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and walking my dog (all with coffee in hand). I instantly fell in love with the motivational and supportive Resolve family and am proud to have joined the team to help others reach their own fitness goals."

Mia, trainer

Hi! I'm Mia.  I have a huge passion for helping people life their best life!  I've been a personal trainer for many years, and I absolutely love helping people along their fitness journey.  I believe in being a compassionate and caring person.  In addition to my passion for fitness, I am a very proud mom to my 4 wonderful kids!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and I also hold various additional certifications, such as a IYCA youth Fitness Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise/Cycling Instructor certifications.
I really strive to cultivate a fun and encouraging atmosphere allowing everyone to feel comfortable and confident!  I can't wait to see you in class!